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Web Design

A well planned website can be a tremendous asset for your organisation. It helps to enhance the professional image of your company and connect to relevant audience.

Understanding your business is the key to produce a website that helps take your organisation to the next level. Some of our works can be viewed here or you can contact us for consultation today.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Want to update your website at any time and anywhere - and all without having to chase a freelancer who charges you heaven and earth for even the tiniest changes? And what if you have to suddenly fix an urgent typo that involves a missing zero in the wrong place at three in the morning?

Here at InspireDesign, we offer you our in-house developed content management systems that empower you to conveniently update your website cleanly, simply and efficiently. No programming needed - just type, click and your website is always up-to-date for the whole world to see!

Our content management system is currently been deployed at CK TANGS website, further proving the capability of our system.

Shopping Cart System

Our shopping cart system empowers your online business with features tailored to your needs and is simple to use. Contact us for more enquiries on our shopping cart system.

  “A well planned website can become a tremendous asset for your organisation.”